App Provider Portal: Update Layout

Hello App Developers,

I’m happy to inform you that we have overhauled the layout of the app provider portal to make it easier to find options relevant to your app type and better group them together by topic. Options not relevant are hidden. We believe, it is now more clear. Furthermore, the App Provider documentation has been updated accordingly.

We are happy about feedback. Let us know, if you like it or not and please also, if things are missing or cannot be found.

Thank you very much.

Best regards,

Hi Nico,

there are two things about the new design I find irritating:

  1. Whenever I open up an app the list of versions is extended. I think that it is irritating especially with a larger list of versions. In my opionion this could be collapsed by default.
  2. If I want to scroll down I have to scroll down inside whatever container the content is in. I can’t scroll the whole side. (Side note: I am using a 4k resolution. Maybe this isn’t that present in smaller resolutions.)


Hello @opsi4ucs,

thank you for your feedback. I’ll see at what position I can put it in our priority list.

Best regards,