App not showing up in test appcenter


I’m struggling to test a new version of our app opsi.

Two versions for UCS 4.4 have been added since yesterday but none of these shows up in the appcenter for testing.
I have enabled the test appcenter but no matter if I use the CLI oder the UMC no update is showing.
Furthermore: If I look into the index.json.gz the new versions do not show up.

What can I do for them to show up?


The problem was a very restrictive version requirement in the App’s meta data.

I removed RequiredUCSVersion=4.2-0 (non-functional anyway) and SupportedUCSVersions=4.3-0 (the current way of restricting Apps by UCS version) from the ini file and now the App should show up.

One may argue that this check against 4.3-0 does not make much sense on a UCS 4.4. The check is there for Docker Apps and apparently is not smart enough to skip Non-Docker Apps.

Kind regards,
Dirk Wiesenthal