App introduction: Lightmeter Control Center

Hello Univention users!

back in december I built a small proof of concept for running the Lightmeter Control Center on Univention and todays announcement of their 1.3.0 release reminded me of the PoC and made me clean it up a it, as well as adding a bit of documentation to it so I can share it publicly.

What is Lightmeter?

Lightmeter is a small application that reads in the logfiles produce by Postfix and uses this data to check which external mailservers are interacted with and if these either accept mails or reject them. In addition to this Lightmeter also periodically checks if its own ip is listed on email blacklists.

With this information Lightmeter can be a useful tool for admininistrators of mailservers to be aware of delivery issues before users start to complain. And all that without manually setting up a monitoring solution and researching and adding fitting metrics to said solution.

Check for more information about Lightmeter.

How can I run Lightmeter on UCS?

Simply clone the repository available at to your local system and them from that checkout run the script to pull the latest Lightmeter release und configure Apache to access Lightmeter.

git clone
cd ucs-lightmerer

Once the script has finished you can open https://your-ucs-domain/lightmeter in your browser to finish the configuration.

Check out the readme at for further instructions.

Will Lightmeter also be added to the UCS App Center?

For me the integration like it is is good enough. I don’t have plans to submit an official app to the Univention App Center.