App Center Update Failure 4.1-4

The notification for ‘Software Update’ shows, however, when viewing the Software update module, the App Center updates section simply shows:

…loading data …

and ultimately times out.

The UCR does show an update is flagged for appcenter/apps/tecart/update/available = yes, so I presume this is the setting that is flagging for an update.[errata]

Do you see error messages in one of the following log files?

/var/log/univention/appcenter.log /var/log/univention/updater.log /var/log/univention/management-console-module-updater.log

What is the output of univention-upgrade?

Thank you for your response.

I’ve already successfully run the update via the shell to by-pass the GUI following the methodology outlined in the Documentation. There were no issues in the log files, so I’m presuming this was related to the webGUI stalling and never timing out.

The builds have been updated to errata 406 and I’ve not encountered any issues with app updates.