App-center screen stucks after update to Collabora version

Good mornig,

after updating Collabora to version this morning I got a pop-up at the end of the update-installation process saying “Connection to module process failed”:

The Collabora App-Center screen hangs now in status “Aktualisiere Sitzungs- und Moduldaten”:

Any hint how I can troubleshoot this?

You should first take a look at the corresponding log files in /var/log/univention: appcenter.log , management-console-module-appcenter.log, manage-console-server.log, management-console-web-server.log.

Thank you for your feedback.
Checking the logs shows that a procces died at the end of the update (adconnector).
Rebooting the system fixed it for me, it seems Collabora was updated correctly.