Any interest in creating a SOGo app?

While horde works reasonably well, I have ongoing issues with it losing the ability to authenticate, and it also seems to not handle deletion of emails over activesync in a seamless manner.

Kopano seems quite good overall, but I don’t like the idea of having emails stored in a database. It seems much simpler to use dovecot as is.

After looking around and seeing quite a few people like SOGo I have installed it in a container on my proxmox server and have just gotten up and running so far it seems like a sensible option to round out email service.

Having said that, I’d like to have it in app form integrated into UCS, but I have zero experience or understanding of how apps are packaged and work in UCS.

Does anyone have any experience with that and also have some interest in collaborating on turning SOGo into an app for UCS.

Also the other app I’m missing that I’d like is Dokuwiki. I think that one is easier to work around if needed, but if I can get over the learning curve for setting up Apps for UCS I might give that one a go next.

Hello @Kevo ,

thank you for your interest in SOGo. There is been some discussion in our german blog on SOGo. I’m in contact with the vendor of SOGo, but so far their priority on building an app is not high enough. Initiatives like this forum posting show the interest though. Thank you.

Did you have a look at OX App Suite? It stores emails in Dovecot. Maybe it’s a better fit for you.

Regarding the question how apps are built, you can find the details in our App Provider documentation.

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I’m not sure OX App Suite is a good fit. I’ve seen mixed reports on it’s Active Sync support. I’ve tried ActiveSync on Horde and Kopano and found them both to be a bit lacking in one respect or another.

My tests with SOGo were successful so far and that’s really the only thing I feel I’m missing.

Perhaps you know of a way to package a local app that doesn’t require going through the UCS app store infrastructure?

It would be nice to be able to set up my own local apps that integrate nicely with UCS so that I could give other users who don’t know anything about linux the ability to manage a few important functions for my extra open source apps I would like to use but that aren’t currently offered by UCS.

Hello @Kevo,

the App Center mainly uses Docker and Docker Compose and provides some script hooks at certain stages, e.g. during installation.

As I understand your interest, you’d like to provide an app not only for you locally, but for other users, as well. In this case building a dedicated app in the App Center would be the recommended way to go.

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