Amazon Web Services (AWS) AD-Connector and UCS

I’m trying to connect the AWS AD-Connector ( to UCS. This is used to authenticate users of AWS services like Workspaces against an on-premise Active Directory. Our UCS runs on AWS.

Unfortunately, I cannot make it work. From AWS, I only get an error message like when trying to search for users (on Workspace-Creation):

An Error Has Occurred
Authentication failed. Request id: dbd6d0a8-71be-4f10-b299-0e27b0f421c4

I cannot see how to get a more detailed message from AWS.

I’ve tried to create a specific user with only the rights needed ( as well as the Administrator from Univention. Security Groups are set, the AD-Connectors should get full network access to UCS servers (at least I can ping the network interfaces of the connector from UCS).

So now my questions:

  1. Did anyone manage to get the AWS AD-Connector work with UCS / Samba4?
  2. Where could I find out if there are any requests on UCS side? E.g. to capture the requests?
  3. Fallback could be using Managed AD from AWS and setting up a domain trust relationship. Is it yet supported on UCS?

Thanks in advance!