Alternatives for Bareos?


we still use Bareos backup on a UCS4 and have always been satisfied with it.

Since both Bareos and SEP are no longer available in UCS5, I am looking for an alternative.

If I see it correctly, there are no alternative apps in the UCS app catalog.

We want to backup/restore our Adrbeitsdaten (Files & Databases) like in Bareos using the Geneartion principle.

We backup the server VM’s (systems) via Proxmox backup.

What do you use for backup in UCS systems?

with best

Hi Sven,

if you have a Synology, you can use Active Backup for Business and there in the Fileserver Backup.


Hi pixel,

I am also very surprised that Bareos did not manage to get into version 5.0 of UCS.

I also have a Bareos server running with UCS 4 and have been thinking about the alternatives.

Since I have already put a lot of time and energy into my “perfect” Bareos in the past, I will probably just set up an independent Bareos server without UCS. Configuring the clients yourself is not the big problem. I’m just struggling at the moment as to whether I’ll put the time and energy into the project to transfer the old Bareos database to the new version.

I’ll probably just set up a “new” Bareos server. I think that’s the most economical for me.