Allowing users to edit options in self service

Hi again,

I’ve been following this guide How To: Self Service for Extended LDAP Attributes and yet even though I have made the needed UCR changes for 4.4 I still always get the following message when a user that is not a Domain Admin tries to save my custom attribute in the self service portal (the users can see the option in the portal though, so I know my UCR change worked, it just does not seem to have the effect I want):

Could not fulfill the request.

Server error message:

The attributes could not be saved: Permission denied.

I’m unsure what needs to be done to allow the regular users to save a value for my custom option. The documentation on this at is scarce at best, seemingly only mentioning that it is possible to allow users to edit fields, but does not provide any information on how to do this.

I appreciate the help!

It turns out that it needs to be the LDAP object class and not the LDAP attribute put in for ldap_attributes in UCR (maybe this should be explicitly documented? I ended up trying that as a last ditch effort, this did not even seem to be implied by the docs)