Agorum Core - User berechtigen


I installed Agorum core on a new UCS Domain server to check it out. However I cant login to Agorum.

In the app center it says " Benutzer müssen in der [Domänenadministration](javascript:void(0)) für diesen Dienst freigeschaltet werden" (User have to be permitted at the domain administration)

However there is no setting or group membership or whatever to activate my user, also a newly created user isnt able to login.

Am I missing something?


everything is described in the documentation here:

The described integration you are talking about was in an old version. The current version is not integrated into the domain administation. You have to use ldap/ad synchronization within agorum core, details:

To get started, read here:

For synchronizing users and groups with UCS:

The authentication is done with kerberos:

Documentation is only available in german language - sorry.

I hope this helps