After upgrade to 5.0 UMC looks weird

I’ve upgraded UCS to 5.0 on Primary Domain Controller and now its Management Console looks weird, together with login page. It has black circles on it, sometimes all over page, so I can’t see anything.

But the Portal itself looks good.
Is it possible to somehow restore Management Console web interface?

And so, for example, looks the App Center there, with big app icons.

simply open https://YOUR.UCS.SERVER/univention/management

but i think you should clear your browser cache to get the portal right

Clearing out the browser cache really helped out, thanks :smiley:

Sorry, I’m here again: it didn’t cure a big app icons - they are still there in the app center. And it doesn’t matter, whether I go my-ucs/univention/umc or my-ucs/univention/management.
Interestingly, not all are that big: image

Hi Alexander.

Well, now you know exactly what our “new” EGroupware logo looks like :slight_smile:

I had installed another UCS 5.0 last night. It looks correct to me:


Tested with Firefox an Chromium on Linux Mint.

What Browser do you use?

EGroupware Community Manager

Hi Stefan,
thanks for mentioning other browsers. Yes, in my Chromium it looked also ok.
That icons were on Firefox 89.0 (64-bit), on Kubuntu 20.04

But now, after I’ve restarted my UCS Server - all icons are back to normal. So, I think the case for now is officially closed. :smiley:

The full solution involved clearing out the browser cache and restarting the server, if someone else faces that problem again.

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