After Upgrade to 4.3-1: driver for horde_auth not found


After upgrading the horde app and univention to the latest release (from 4.3.0 to 4.3.1) I’m getting the following when trying to access the horde app:

A fatal error has occurred
"" driver (for Horde_Auth not found).
Details have been logged for the administrator.

Right now tried to search all the log files for some errors (in- and outside of the docker container) but i can’t seem to find something other than this error.

I’ve installed everything with UCS 4.3.0 and authentication is done with the integrated LDAP Server (or UCS Domain) all installed on a single server.

Where could I look for detailed error description? What could be the missing module? Any help is greatly appreciated!


After some additional tests with a backuped VM I can tell that the reason was not the upgrade of the Univention server itself but the Update of the Horde App. I upgraded from version 5.2.7 to 5.2.17. This Upgrade seems to try to shift as much as possible in the docker container.

Also I can’t investigate it because the horde.log is still empty so I can’t see the debug output of the error (Even if I manually set logging to debung inside the containers /etc/horde/horde/conf.php


Which version of the Horde App did you install exactly? Sounds like this problem:


I’ve upgraded to Version 5.2.17-2. Before the upgrade version 5.2.7-3 was installed.

Now I’ve tried to reinstall the horde App as suggested but that does not solve my problem. I still get the exact same error.

Here’s a screenshot with the problem I got


Sidenote: I actually did a ssh forwarding directly to the container. That’s why you see localhost:10000 as the address. The error is the same when connecting normally.


I have the same problem. If I click on the Horde icon from the univention portal it links to


which does not work of course.

Looks to me as if there’s something messed up with certain settings.

Re-Installation does not help!

Any help welcome - Martin


No hint anybody ? - Martin


Is anybody still checking this ? The upgrade has messed up the calendar sync and I cannot use web mail anymore. Am I supposed to delete the container, reinstall everything and re-enter all of horde’s calendar entries ? Or am I better to use this: ?

Please advise …