After update unable to bind LDAP

Yesterday I updated my ucs servers to 4.1-1 errata153 and after that my applications, that use UCS AD to authenticate, cant authenticate users any more. One of then is GLPI with error message:
2016-04-20 10:24:44 [2@varad]
*** PHP Warning(2): ldap_bind(): Unable to bind to server: Strong(er) authentication required
Backtrace :
inc/authldap.class.php:2191 ldap_bind()
inc/authldap.class.php:1186 AuthLDAP::connectToServer()
front/authldap.form.php:75 AuthLDAP::testLDAPConnection()

I guess something important changed??

Ps. Users can log into windows workstations that are in domain and i can log into UCS web console

You should upgrade your PHP scripts to use a secured connection via TLS or lapds.
A current workaround would be

ucr set samba/ldap/server/require/strong/auth=no
/etc/init.d/samba restart

Which would allow to use unencrypted connections to the server. This allows MITM attacks and should only be a temporary solution!