After Update Nextcloud 24.0.7 LDAP user Error


I Hame on USC 5.0-3

After Update my NextCloud to nextcloud:24.0.7-1 my user can’t LDAP connect.

when I go to user management I systematically get this message

looking for several days I think we are on this problem : [[Bug]: User cannot authenticate with LDAP backend if multiple LDAP servers are configured · Issue #34993 · nextcloud/server · GitHub](https:// looking for several days I think we are on this problem)

is it possible to quickly switch to 24.0.8 or to downgrade?

you can download an older version of docker ?

thank you for your help I think that many will be in my case


unfortunately I do not know the problem. Nevertheless, a few general tips:

  • You should share something about your environment. Is NC on the Director node, Managed node … ?
  • Are there any helpful messages in the logfile?
  • Think about running UCS in a virtual environment. Here I take a snapshot before each update and can go back with one click in case of failure.

I don’t think so. Or are you running multiple LDAP servers? IMHO the linked post is limited to that.

with best

I would also try checking if the TLS certificates at /etc/univention/ssl are expired or not.