After migration, user's "windows home path" shows the IP not the DNS name

Hi All,
I am trying out the UCS corporate server, I am migrating active directory users to UCS.
I have noticed that in UCS when I check users profile, in windows home path parameter it shows

\\IP address of AD 2012\userprofile\myusername

I am wondering, why my dns name of the ucs server is not reflected there instead of IP

Guidance and advice requested
Joseph John

Hi jjk_saji,

maybe this is how it was migrated from the active directory. You can modify this in the UMC . Many users can be modified here too.

Users -> users -> You can then add or choose a user to edit - > Account -> modification can be made here.

Screenshot from 2017-11-29 15-38-01


Anna Takang

Your advice helped me a lot