After GoDaddy SSL on SuiteCRM VM can't login

After applying the GoDaddy SSL certificate I get “The authentication has failed, please login again.” for the Unintention login. For the suiteCRM I get “You have been logged out because your session has expired.” and “Can’t Contact LDAP server.”

I am using the Univention VM appliance for the suite CRM. It was working, but I wanted a trusted SSL from GoDaddy. I wanted my employees to get to without any certificate errors. So I had someone apply it. But now I can’t login. I can’t login with Administrator on the VM appliance either. I am able to successfully login with root in the VM. Help please. Thank you.

If you can login as root to the command line (through ssh, possibly PuTTy) we should be able to troubleshoot the setup at least.
This might take a while so before we try let us know if you prefer to re-install your server from scratch as it is no good to put time in troubleshooting and the get a “ah, I am going to reinstall”…

So, first: is you OpenLDAP service running?

systemctl start slapd
systemctl status slapd

To install the certs did you follow this article?

Why are you not asking the guy who broke your system to fix it?

Some more details about your error would be helpful. Can you browse the the web-login page? Does it use https with your GoDaddy certificate?