Advantages of BTRFS to EXT4/XFS


I am currently working on a UCS5 test environment on Proxmox. In the UCS VM, I have currently formatted the / and /var partitions with EXT4 and the data partition with XFS.

Are there any significant advantages to using BTRFS for one or all of these partitions?

with best

I guess the reply here should be “If you ask such a question the answer is ‘no’”. :smiley:

Btrfs is a really good filesystem, but I would use it only if I need its features (then it can have significant advantages). With more complexity also more things can go wrong and there are more ways to make mistakes.

Yes, I have watched the BTRFS documentation. The additional functions (snapshots and subvolumes) do not bring me any advantages in the VM as the snapshots are made from the PVE.

In addition, Docker apps do not seem to work on BTRFS.

So I’m sticking with the previous scheme :slight_smile: