Adsys integration with UCS

Hello UCS community!

I am trying to enforce some policies, in a mixed environment (Windows, Linux, MacOS). I have successfully pushed policies to Windows hosts by using a Windows client with GPMC installed, recently I have found that Canonical has created a software called “adsys” that allows GPOs to be pushed to Ubuntu clients as well.

The thing is that when I am installing the adsys software to the UCS managed client, authentication breaks. The only solution to make authentication work again is to uninstall adsys from the UCS Ubuntu managed client.

Also, when I am importing the ADM* files to the UCS server, the Windows policies in the “GPO server” are disappearing completely.

Could someone help me with this? (I think that it has to do with how both of the softwares (UCS and ADSYS) are handling the SSSD config file, but I could be wrong).

Thanks in advance