Administrator view of all calendars as a single calendar?

Hello. I’ve been searching the forum but can’t seem to find if it’s possible with Kopano.
Is there a way to merge all users calendars into a single calendar for an administrator to view?

eg… default all members of ucs_group1 have their calendar view-able by ucs_admins in a single calendar view ?

You can’t open them all at once, but once you have a calendar open you can see them all in an overlay (which is depending on the amount of calendars not always very helpful).

The way to quickly check if someone is free at a certain point (because you are anyways planning an appointment) is to add the group to an appointment, expand the group and then check the planning view.

PS: questions about WebApp usage or problems are always better placed in the Kopano forum. The Univention forum should be for UCS specific problems e.g. with the App or integration.

Thanks, I will start reading in the Kopano Forum now also.

Thanks for the solution,I appreciated !!!

see you in 2023