Additional UCS server does not get kopano integration packages

I’m using Kopano un Univention UCS - everything works as expected
but now i installed a new (additional) UCS Server in the domain - and there are no Kopano packages (see screenshot from existing UCS Server)


how do i install these packages to the new server ?
univention-install and apt do not find them in repo

On the Kopano Server and a second UCS server (both where installed when kopano-app had been installed, where kopano-app install istalled these 3 packages on both servers)


just for reference:

These integration packages come from the Kopano App repository, so you have to install the App on the new server to get the packages. Which server role is this, and why do you need the packages on the new server as well?


thanks for reply
Can’t install app as it is installed on different server, i need the packages for the UMC integration, as without this packages I can not edit user fields for Kopano on this server - can also edit on different server but i think there could be some errors in future if this server does not have the UMC und maybe schema installed
the server role is DC-BACKUP


Okay, i just wanted to make sure the additional server is a DC backup. During normal operation the App Center will install these packages on available backup servers, but you just added a new one… To install the packages on your DC Backup try.
univention-app update; univention-app install --only-master-packages kopano-core

If you do not have the most recent kopano-core app version on your master, you have to append the app version installed on the DC master to the univention-app install command, e.g. kopano-core=

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