Adding Ethercalc as application add some wrong route to my UCS server

just after installing Ethercal all my vpn user have lost access to the server, because ethercalc add a route used by my VPN.
the route is used by my VPN, but ethercal set this route to dev br-174713c1388e proto kernel scope link src

How can I add an application without setting this route ?
thanks for your directions.

regards from Tahiti

I have tried to set a route using
univention-config-registry set interfaces/eth0/route/myvpn=“net netmask gw”
but it doesn’t works
Ethercalc after reinstallation do not works anymore AND my vpn users are out
I really need Ethercalc to use another network, any solution for this ?


Ethercalc as a docker-based application needs some internal “transport network” to get connectivity to your LAN. By default, docker apps use for these networks.

Pitty your VPN uses the same range. If you can not reconfigure your network try to define a different range for the docker networks by using a UCR variable:

ucr set appcenter/docker/compose/network=""
[Edited, now using private network as suggestion, according to comment from @ahrnke ]
I am currently unsure if your need to restart just docker or full UCS server. Try first:
systemctl restart docker

After this your Ethercalc should use a different network range.

If not, uninstall the app and reinstall again.

Hope it helps!


Using for the Docker network may work but isnt the best choice as this is outside the range defined in and actually used by AT&T.
I guess that looking for another unused /16-network inside 172.16/12 is more appropriate but needs some investigation (like this


You’re right, your suggestion work. I have set the route to so its within the RFC1918 and it have enought IP.

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