Adding Attribute on radius

Im using a separate system for my WiFi Portal and want to centralized Authentication on UCS,
I have already setup a working connection to authenticate user with my radius and ldap support with ucs,
How can I add radius attribute to ucs for radius like WISPr- Bandwidth-Max-Down, WISPr-Bandwidth -Max-Up and WISPr-Redirection-URL?
Is this possible?
could you guide me how to do this.

Hello @macky007,
You can use the already existing UniventionFreeAttributes for that.
This Wiki article explains the use:

Thank You @jolentes
The site helps a lot.

Thank you very much for this hint. I needed to add custom attributes so that I can control which user has which permissions on a Mikrotik router after a successful RADIUS authentication.
I have documented the whole process here: really hope this helps others as well.