Add rights for an Imap-Folder to a Group in OX

I would like to share Imap-Folders to a Group. I can choose the Group in the Configuration Dialogue:

but when i click “save” i get an Error-Message:
The error analysis tells me something about an unsupported Group:

Die angegebene Gruppe "Administratoren der EDV-IT und Instandhaltung" wird nicht unterstützt. (ID: -518327238-23089 / ACL-0010) 16.5.2017 09:25
Anfrage-Body ausblenden
  "action": "update",
  "id": "default0/IT-Intern",
  "timezone": "UTC",
  "tree": 0,
  "cascadePermissions": false,
  "session": "9761016db33442afa2f9233481a3f3de"
  "folder": {
    "permissions": [
        "bits": 272662788,
        "entity": 15,
        "group": false
        "bits": 4227332,
        "entity": 14,
        "group": true
  "notification": {
    "transport": "mail"

I can choose this Group in the Calendar and in the Files-App but not for Imap-Permissions.
How can i add Permissions to Groups or how can i find out why my Groups are not supported for Imap-Folder?

Best regards
Matthias Hütter

The permissions on shared IMAP folders have to be set in the UMC Mail module:

Daniel Tröder

Thank you for that hint, but anyway this does not feel like a desirable solution.
There are a few drawbacks for Imap-Folders set up via UMC.

  1. Our Users want to share some folders from their own context (own Sub-folder) to their Groups (and remove the share after the Project is done).
  2. Our Users will start ask why they can even choose a Group when it does not work the expected Way
  3. Users do not have access to the UMC so all shared Folder must be set up by an Admin what i think is not the intended behavior.
  4. Folders can already be shared by choosing Users one by one, which leads to an nice invitation E-Mail so the Users don´t have to look into the Imap-Subscription-Settings if there is something new. The same would be really great for Groups.

Is there a way to modifiy Groups in ox so they get accepted by the ox-app-server for Mailfolder-permissions?

Matthias Hütter


If it didn’t changed recently, managing group permissions of IMAP folders is not implemented in OX.


Sönke Schwardt-Krummrich

We have the same problem here. When checking out the features beforehand we saw this and assumed a technical problem on the servers side. Now we realized it’s in fact a half baked feature

But why you would even show the groups if you can’t use them this way is beyond me.

I mean, it’s basically only a loop through all users of a group. And if you have lots of users in it you defintely don’t want to give permissions for each user single file. This feels terribly wrong somehow.