Add printers to Ubuntu clients not possible via CUPS

Hello all,

we’ve installed us printers on UCS 4.4 and shared they also via gpo for windows clients. This works on windows 10 normaly. But how we can add these printers for Ubuntu clients? We did’nt find something useable in the printerdocumentation.

What have we done to solve the problem?

  • Add printers via the cupsclientconfig (/etc/cups/client.conf). After that in the cupscontrollcenter i get an error message like permission denied.
  • Over Multicast (Avahi). But nothething from UCS
  • Manual over IPP…

And i found that: CUPS Browsing

Thanks a lot and best Reards

I solved it manualy with that:

So finding a way to set this automaticly with forenman/puppet

The RedHat Method is really unsecure. Passwörd in plaintext… not really. So here the final solution: