Add NIC with another subnets ip address to UCS directory node

My goal is to make the LDAP server of a primary directory node (dc01.mynet.lan) available on a second ip subnet. E.g. my primary net is with the UCS instance on and now it should be available on, too.

For this I added a second NIC to the node’s VM and set the ip address on this new interface to This works so far but now the DNS of the domain supplies not only but both and for dc01.mynet.lan to clients. That does not work as the firewall does not allow routing, so I get timeouts when a client randomly chooses the “wrong” (that is, belonging to the other subnet) ip address.

Besides I found the article “How To Use … Multiple Interfaces In Different LANs” which discourages my configuration as far as I understand.

So my question is: what is the best practice approach to reach my goal? Thank you all!

Hi again, thinking about this some more a solution would be to have the primary directory node only in the one (main) subnet and the traffic from other subnets routed via the firewall to the node or another solution would be a Replica Directory Node in the second subnet (routing the traffic between Replica Directory Node and Primary Directory Node via the firewall), right?!