Add fonts to use with OnlyOffice


I use OnlyOffice & Owncloud in my UCS environment. A good combination! Now I would like to add a (TTF or other) font to use in OnlyOffice. Is there an easy way to do this in UCS? Or a less easy way?

Tnx, Richard

Hi Richard,

look at This also should be good for OwnCloud


Hi! Tnx for your suggestion. I’ve seen that solution as well, the only thing is that I can’t find the in the /usr/bin folder. Should I find a copy of that .sh file and put it in the /usr/bin folder?



Onlyoffice is installed as a docker app - so you’ll have to this inside the docker container.

on the host type docker ps to list your container the you’ll access it through
docker exec -it container_name bash

there you’ll find the script in /usr/bin


Hello @richardw,

there is a shortcut to enter the shell in a Docker based app: univention-app shell onlyoffice. It does the same as describe by @externa1: Find the container ID of the ONLYOFFICE Docker container and then execute docker exec -it container_id bash.

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Thanks everybody, it works!

I managed to copy the ttf files to the docker using ‘docker cp’ and execute the script in /usr/bin (in the docker).


one should add that these steps would need to be re-done with each update of the app since the changes are only done inside of the container (which is discarded on upgrade).

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