AD take over failure - Could not find machine account in secrets database

I have made multiple but unsuccessful attempts at getting a UCS machine ( to take over a domain from a Windows 2012 server (

I am able make the UCS instance join the AD domain but then the takeover process always fails in the same manner. The /var/log/univention/ad-takeover.log shows that the error at the failure is “Could not find machine account in secrets database: Failed to fetch machine account password for HOME from both secrets.ldb”

I am not sure i fully understand but I note that the message seems to be about accessing the password for a machine called “HOME”. There isn’t such a machine on my network. The realm the server controls is, all machines are contained within and home is not a machine. Also HOME is the pre-2000 work group. Perhaps there is an issue with upper case and lower cases ? The realm is spelled but for some reason the windows network uses HOME as a group name

Any suggestion?

The complete ad-takeover.log is here.
ad-takeover.txt (39.1 KB)

Finally, I made a successful migration:

  • Installed 4.2-5 errata515 from the downloadable ISO
  • Joined the AD domain
  • Ran the takeover procedure
  • Upgraded the system to 4.3-2 errata257.
    I do see a few warnings/errors when i run the system diagnostic but it doesn’t seem to affect the domain operations (at the what i use of ti)