AD Problems while Migrating from Kerio to UCS+Kopano

Hi Guys,

we have three Kerio with AD Extension Customers to Migrate

First Problem was that not all Users are shown in UCS Managment Console

The following Article helped for the first view

After that kind of Binding all Users are shown in UCS and getend passwd, but…

Some Users are greyed out, working to login but some Fields like E-Mailaddress missing.
Other Users not greyed out. I have to set Mailaddress and Password to set manually, then working.

So this is not a productive Solution.

Please help out with any Ideas end Experiences



Screenshots taken from same System, same Time


I was pointed to this thread since it contains the word “kopano”. The source of the problem is ihmo the ad integration. If there is no other reply to this topic, then I would suggest to open a case with the univention support.

this looks for me as normal behaviour - when connecting ucs to ad domain ucs can not modify ad users (only ucs parts of them) - the user you’re able to set email etc seems to be created in ucs