AD Domain problems

I am having AD Problems. I cannot get into AD at all. I get the following error “Naming information cannot be located because…” (see attached image).
I can access the PDC just fine via UMC. I changed the Administrator password… still nothing.
It is also affecting my logon scripts. They are kicking back errors related to “unknown user name or bad password” during certain operations.
Site note: This is only affecting the main site. My second site seems to be performing wonderfully.

Information update… I began reviewing some command line tools.
I found samba-tool dbcheck. It located two errors. One related to the Administrator account. So I ran samba-tool dbcheck --fix to see if it would resolve the issue.

It did not resolve the issue. All AD related problems still exist


could you please specify the behaviour a bit? Do you experience problems while logging in or while joining a client?

Are you able to determine significant differences between the configuration of the two sites?

Kind regards,
Tim Petersen