AD-Connector - synchronizing additional classes/objects (full AD sync)

Hi there!

I have a UCS domain configured as “Join existing MS AD domain” and have active the AD Connector which replicate users and other objects from AD to UCS LDAP.

My AD Schema is extended with some custom/additional applications (like Kopano).
I would like to keep the configuration of those applications in MS AD but would really like to have all the related objects/attributes replicated/synchronized to UCS LDAP.

I thought the AD Connector will automatically sync all the related objects/attributes but obviously it is not.
I searched the documentation and the forum but was unable to find some sort of ad-connector “advanced documentation” related to modifying the sync options.

After checking the files included in the univention-ad-connector it seems all the required objects/attributes for sync should be added to the scripts/hooks of ad-connector.

Is there any documentation on how to extend the ad-connector for synchronizing additional attributes/objects/schema? Maybe some examples?

Any hint/help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi there, I’m just wondering if you ever resolved this. I have a UCS server configured the same as you and I want it to sync AD objects of class=Contact. I thought it would dothis by default to be honest but it seems not. Di you ever find out how to control what gets synced? Any hints greatly appreciated.