AD connector resynchronization is not complete

Hello all,

UCS 4.4-8 errata992, adconnector 12.0

I have added a local AD Connector mapping (/etc/univention/connector/ad/ according to the documentation in This mapping adds the attribute ‘department’ and maps it into ‘departmentNumber’ in UCS.

The pure addition of the file and subjequent restart of AD Connector did (of course) not resynchronize all existing user objects, so I followed Reinitialize Active Directory Connector to get everything in sync.

The resync seemed to have worked. I did not get any rejects nor tracebacks in the connector.log file. But it worked only for some users. (Expected: ~800 users, Done: ~50)

So here’s the question: Is the mentioned Knowledge Base article up to date? (last change 2015). Or, is there a chance to selectively force some objects to be resynchronized (of course, without deleting them on the UCS side)?

Thanks for all hints in advance.
F. Greif.