AD-Connector problem with groups due to case-insensitivity

The AD Connector is supposed to import users and groups from Windows AD. Unfortunately, we have the problem that users occasionally get “kicked out” of the groups. However, in the UMC, they are still displayed as if they are in the group. If I remove and re-add the user there, everything is correct.

We have noticed that the users do not really get kicked out of the group, but that the group in the internal.sqlite database is not stored case-sensitively. If the group is added manually via the UMC, it is case-sensitive.

Does anyone have an idea what could be causing this?

We have found the error. In the in the folder /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/univention/connector there is a .lower() after each variable.
If you remove all .lower() the groups will be properly synchronized again.

Hi, not sure if I understand you correctly, there are a couple of lines in, so it’s unclear to me which .lower() you adjusted.

In the mean time we adjusted something in univention/connector/ad/ in method group_members_sync_to_ucs which also may improve the behavior:


I removed every .lower() so the groups are casesensitive.

This is our new (81.1 KB)
and this is the original one: (81.6 KB)