AD Connector does not seem to be able to read Contacts

Hi All,

I have a single UCS DC master server running in ‘AD member’ mode, i.e. it is a member of my windows AD domain. When I browse the UCS LDAP tree I can see all my users and groups from AD, but I cannot see my AD Contact objects. This is a problem for me because I want to use UCS as a mail server and I have many contacts (who are not users) who need to be members of my distribution lists. I have tried changing the connector/ad/ldap/binddn property but still the Contacts do not appear. It is as if UCS is not syncing / reading objects of type Contact at all?

Does anyone know how to get that to work please?

A bit more info: univention-adsearch is able to locate one of my contact objects and returns a result so it seems that the contacts are visible to the AD connector, it is just not mapping them to anywhere in the UCS LDAP tree.


I have the same problem. And wait for a answer about 1,5 year.
Interesting is there somebody from UCS Univention team that knows the solution of this problem…