AD connection tool dont show me the option to install SSL certificate


Hi I want install now the certificate using AD connection tool. despite that I can not found the import wizard there? I updated the UCS and running 4.3.2. so latest version I found.

Could you please help on this topic?

Thanks very much

update: this I see in the ad connection tool

"To enable an encrypted connection, a certification authority needs to be configured on the Active Directory server. All steps necessary are described in the UCS manual.

After the certification authority has been set up, press Next to proceed."

but in the manual is nothing describe how to do this. …



An SSL certificate must be created on the Active Directory system and the root certificate exported to allow encrypted communication. The certificate is created by the Active Directory’s certificate service. The necessary steps depend on the Windows versions used. Three versions are shown below as examples.

Are the mentioned examples not good enough (" Exporting the certificate on Windows 2003/2008/2012")? In case you have a different Windows version you should be able to use these examples as a template.