"Active Directory-compatible Domain Controller" breaks ldap

So I setup UCS a few days ago, and for tests I managed to configure it in such a way that it acts as an LDAP provider. I have a local dokuwiki instance and authenticating at dokuwiki over ldap/UCS worked fine.

Now I wanted to create a Samba file share, and my understanding from the manual, one needs to install the "“Active Directory-compatible Domain Controller” app to achieve this.

So I installed it and everything went fine (it seems), but now LDAP authentication is broken. Clients just report: “Protocol error: Extended Operation( not supported”

My guess is that this has to do with Kerberos; but I can’t find any information on what to do now in the manual, and I can’t find anything about the “Active Directory-compatible Domain Controller” app.

So how can I fix LDAP authentication?

Edit: After setting up Kerberos on another machine, indeed authentication over Kerberos is possible. So I will just have to setup dokuwiki to authenticate via Kerberos.