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Kopano WebClient has many unfixxed bugs, so we are on to switch to Thunderbird. Multiple people are using the same IMAP Account for business. They want to use the “Tag” (German: Schlagwort) function to mark mails with colors. Unfortunately the tags are not getting synchronized between the different clients. A little bit research (source: showed that a feature called PERMANENTFLAGS is necessary for this function to work. How can I enable the feature on IMAP?

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Statements like

always make me curious, but that would be a discussion that is probably better placed over at the official Kopano forum, where the actual developers of the WebApp are able to reply as well.

Following the linked thread mentions that this is a feature that would need to be implemented for Zarafa’s imap gateway. Therefore its sadly not simply a feature that you need to enable, but rather a feature that needs to be included in the source code.