Account expiration date format bug UCS 4.3 erata 89



If I format the date as requested as day.month.year it will not accept it. If I format it according to the normal format for the U.S. which is month/day/year it accepts it but if I visit the account later it will have a random date in the filed.



the date format accepted and printed depends on the language the UMC is currently using:

  • For “Deutsch”, the German date style is recognized: 31.08.2018 (31.8.2018 works too, meaning leading zeroes can be omitted).
  • If you’ve selected “English” (not “English (United Kingdom)”), US date style is expected and printed: 08/31/2018 (month/day/year).
  • “English (United Kingdom)” on the other hand uses UK-style date format: day/month/year, e.g. 31/08/2018.

What you’ve entered, 31/8/2018, would only be correct for UK-style date format; it would only work if the language is currently “English (United Kingdom)”.

I’ve just verified that dates work exactly this way, both on input and on output.

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Addendum: if you’ve entered a German-style date 31.08.2018 while English is the active language, my guess is that any non-digit is treated as a delimiter, and the GUI will actually interpret this the same as 31/08/2018, and according to US-style date format, this means month = 31, day = 08, year = 2018 — which is invalid, obviously.

What is definitely wrong is the tooltip. The English version should include the proper date format. I’ve filed a bug for this.



Yes I understand the date format differences. But this is the problem. The dates CHANGE THEMSELVES. I just checked in on that same user today who’s date was set to 8/31/2018 (U.S. Fomat) and today I get an error and the date has been randomized. Sometimes the date is in the future other times it’s far in the past like the year 2006 or even 1979.

Do I have to set an account to be deactivated and set an expiration date? That is not intuitive. It should BECOME deactivated ON the deactivation date. This is very confusing in UCS.



if you can cause the UMC to mangle that date reliably, you should probably file a bug in the bug tracker for this.

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