Access rights on Kopano public folders


I noticed that the access rights of public folders do not seem to work.

As described in it should be possible to assign certain rights to individual users.

It seems, however, that Kopano is ignoring those rights and simply grants full rights to any Kopano user on the given public folders.

This behavior applies both when using the Kopano DeskApp as well as the last version of Zarafa Outlook Plugin.

How can access rights on public folders be limited?

Hi @ikue,

did you by any chance try this with a user with admin permissions? For an admin folder permissions will always be ignored.

The test was done with both an admin account and normal user accounts. Results were the same. It seems like the rights management is not applied. Is there any “general switch” or other factor which influences this behavior?

Hi @ikue,

I am not able to reproduce the issue you have described. I have a normal user. Logged in with an admin user and changed the permissions of a subfolder in my public folder (removed the “view folder” permission) for my normal user.

Result: the folder is no longer visible for my normal user.


# dpkg -l | grep -w 'kopano4ucs\|kopano-server-packages\|kopano-webapp\|z-push-kopano'
ii  kopano-server-packages                                                                  all          Metapackage to install the entire Kopano Core stack
ii  kopano-webapp                                                                                 all          New and improved WebApp for Kopano
rc  kopano-webapp-plugin-desktopnotifications                                                        all          Kopano WebApp Desktop notifications plugin
rc  kopano-webapp-plugin-filepreviewer                                                               all          Kopano File previewer plugin
ii  kopano-webapp-plugin-files                                                                       all          Adds Files functionality to Kopano enabling access to WebDAV and other files backends.
ii  kopano-webapp-plugin-filesbackend-owncloud                                                        all          Adds Owncloud specific functionality to Kopano Files plugin.
ii  kopano-webapp-plugin-filesbackend-smb                                                             all          Adds Samba specific functionality to Kopano Files plugin.
ii  kopano-webapp-plugin-intranet                                                                    all          This plugin adds one or more buttons in the top menu bar which can be used to open a webpage inside Kopano WebApp.
ii  kopano-webapp-plugin-mattermost                     1.0.1+42.1                                                          all          Integrates Mattermost into WebApp
ii  kopano-webapp-plugin-mdm                            3.2.0+49.1                                                          all          Kopano WebApp MDM plugin
ii  kopano-webapp-plugin-meetings                                                                         all          Kopano WebApp Meetings Plugin
ii  kopano-webapp-plugin-rocketchat                     1.0-1                                                               all          Rocket.Chat integration for kopano-webapp
ii  kopano-webapp-plugin-sikodad                        2.0rc1-1                                                            all          WebApp component for Drag&Drop integration
ii  kopano-webapp-plugin-smime                                                                        all          Kopano WebApp S/MIME plugin
ii  kopano-webapp-plugin-spell                                                                       all          Kopano WebApp Spellchecker plugin
ii  kopano-webapp-plugin-spell-de-de                                                                  all          Kopano WebApp Spellchecker German dictionary plugin
ii  kopano-webapp-plugin-spell-en                                                                     all          Kopano WebApp Spellchecker English dictionary plugin
ii  kopano-webapp-plugin-spell-nl                                                                     all          Kopano WebApp Spellchecker Dutch dictionary plugin
rc  kopano-webapp-plugin-titlecounter                   4.1.2831+1671.1                                                     all          Kopano WebApp Titlecounter plugin
rc  kopano-webapp-plugin-webappmanual                   4.1.2831+1671.1                                                     all          Kopano WebApp Manual plugin
ii  kopano4ucs                                          1.6.2                                                               all          Kopano4ucs integration package for Univention Corporate Server
ii  kopano4ucs-app                                      1.6.6                                                               all          Package for UCS app specific logic
ii  kopano4ucs-lib                                      1.6.6                                                               all          Library package for common Kopano4ucs functions
ii  kopano4ucs-schema                                   1.6.2                                                               all          LDAP schema for the Kopano4ucs integration
ii  kopano4ucs-udm                                      1.6.2                                                               all          UDM extensions for the Kopano4ucs integration
ii  kopano4ucs-webapp                                   1.6.6                                                               all          Kopano4ucs kopano-webapp integration package for Univention Corporate Server
ii  kopano4ucs-z-push                                   1.6.2                                                               all          Meta package for Z-Push installation
ii  z-push-kopano                                       2.6.2.beta1+0-0                                                     all          Z-Push for Kopano
ii  z-push-kopano-gab2contacts                          2.6.2.beta1+0-0                                                     all          GAB sync into a contacts folder for Kopano
ii  z-push-kopano-gabsync                               2.6.2.beta1+0-0                                                     all          GAB sync for Kopano
# univention-app info
UCS: 4.4-7 errata901
Installed: kopano-core= kopano-meet=2.3.1_0 kopano-webapp= kopano-webmeetings= letsencrypt=1.2.2-16 openid-connect-provider=2.2-konnect-0.33.11 self-service=4.0 self-service-backend=4.0 z-push-kopano=2.4.5