Access "Password must change" value in samba4 db

System: Univention UCS 4.4-4

Before I ask my question, is there some type of binary that can look up “Password must change” value in samba4 that univention created?

I need to be able to access the samba4 “Password must change” value. The only way I have been able to query this value accurately is using rpcclient, however its very slow as a new TCP connection needs to be made for each query.

Trouble shooting:

  • I have tried pdbedit, the value appears however ALWAYS says “never” even when I perform “samba-tool domain passwordsettings set --max-pwd-age=1”. rpcclient output displays the new time, but pdbedit will always display “never”

  • I have tried messing with samba-tool, does not seem to be a way to display “Password must change” attribute

  • I tried using univention-s4search, this did not seem to provide the attribute I am looking for.

  • I tried net ads user info, again I was not successful at trying to uncover “Password must change” attribute

  • I tried univention-directory-manager users/user with filters, same problem.

  • I poked around with ucr get directory/manager a little, was unsuccessful here as well.

Is there any other way to query the samba4 db “Password must change” attribute?