About UCS dashboard alerts


Today i take some time to look into this, and found 4 alerts.
I use one primary node ucs as windows active directory (samba domain), an multiple secondary domains.
All this firing events are for the primary node, domain server

1. UNIVENTION_SMBD, that states:

description = host is not accessible via smb
title = check if smbd is functional

After some debug i check my samba configuration and i /etc/samba/local.conf i have set restrict anonymous = 2, after change that value to 1 and restart samba, the alert was solved.

2. UNIVENTION_NMBD, that states:

description = nmbd cannot resolve DNS queries
title = check if nmbd is functional

Again after some debug and try catch i try to run the nmblookup -U serverip --recursion hostname -d 1 and i get the following error

name_query failed to find name hostname

Some how i find this variable samba4/service/nmb, if i change it to s4 instead of nmbd:

ucr set samba4/service/nmb=‘s4’ && service samba-ad-dc restart

The nmblookup command return without error and the firing alert went way, the issue is after that the nmbd service keeps failling… so i set it again to nmbd

ucr set samba4/service/nmb=‘s4’ && service samba-ad-dc restart
So i’m unable to solve this alert


description = Too few or no AD connector instances are running
title = check if AD connector is functional

About this i can’t find nothing how to solve it


description = There are rejects in the S4 connector or too many S4 connector instances are running
title = check if S4-Connector is functional

This is the only that appear also in system diagnostics and is an old issue about UCS reject that i can’t get rid off

UCS rejected:
UCS DN: ;unknown, S4 DN: not found, Filename: /var/lib/univention-connector/s4/.1522319929.525067.swp

Anyone can help how solve this issues?

Some more info, about point 2 i’m able to solve it… sometime ago i follow this post from @Grandjean now i undo the deactivate netbios service and the alert went away. So the question is … from a security perspective i could disable netbios and disable the alert check? so we don’t have the error or not?