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Hi. I’m trying to build UCSLint. But this requires Python Namespace. The Python Namespace requires UCSLint. How do I build these packages?

Hello, I have a univention server running own cloud , when I try to access it from a restaurant or other location , the address seems to be blocked as it doesn’t load in the browser. Now I am assuming some firewall is blocking me as when I try it with VPN I can access my own cloud/univention server. Is there a way to setup my server so I can access it remotely without having to use VPN?
Thank You.

I tried to create seafile vhost for cloud-domain.com/seafile by this tutorial but I could not find location of …/seahub/media/ directory in univention.

Can anybody help me?

I know that tutorial is old and I already use updated vhost in my original debian 9, everything works fine in debian but in UCS (downloaded via app center) seafile changed directory scheme I guess.

I’m using ucs 5 as a active directory server with another univention
server 5 as member server for file sharing.
Can’t figure out how to allow access to file shares on the member server to
computers not joined to the domain.
Shares on domain joined pcs work without having to specify @domain.local after the
To access shares on the member server we must specify the @domain.local part after
the username.
Although accessing shares on the dc master from computers not joined in the domain
work even without the @domain part. is it possible to enable this behaviour for
member server shared as well?
The only relevant post I found is this but it’s for an older ucs version and can’t
figure out how/where to put the sam_ignoredomain option in ucs 5.