About OpenXchange installation

Hi there,

I have installed UCS 3.1 and OpenXchange. Everything working (webmail,webdav etc.) But i cannot configure email clients. Is there any wiki or something about this? And can i set Exchange email on iPhone ?
Open Xchange has active sync support?



basically Open-Xchange acts as any other IMAP Mail Client. This means that you can configure Thunderbird (for example) as an additional eMail Client for all OX accounts that can do Webmail. For doing so you simply have to point your client to your IMAP and SMTP server using the credentials for the user that OX uses.

OX certainly supports EAS (Active Sync) for iOS devices as well as for Android and other mobile devices. This is done with an additional Plug-In which is described here:
knowledgebase.open-xchange.com/s … paper.html
For installation please have a look onto the installation guide in our oxpedia section of our website: oxpedia.org/wiki/index.php?title … tion_Guide

Please note that you would need a valid license and a LDB account in order to use the EAS feature of Open-Xchange. Additionally we also offer an Outlook integration.

You can find our Knowledge Base which is a good starting point for documentation and support articles here:
oxpedia.org/wiki/index.php?title … quirements

You may also contact our support as described in knowledgebase.open-xchange.com/index.php?id=339 if you have a valid maintenance key and/or support contract. Inside this article you will also find a link on how to create a LDB account and register keys that you may have purchased.