A new installed application get blocked

Hi, this is my first installation of UCS bare metal on Mini PC. After the installation of my first App " Nextcloud " i get blocked when i call up the ip. See the attachement.Nextcloud

I don’t no, how can i fix this problem. I try to fix this in the browser settings, but couldn’t find something. The same
result with another browser. Maybe somebode has the solution.

Many thanks


There are many posts in this forum you can search for (also on the nextcloud or owncloud forums- as this is no univention symptom)
For quick help -
The Problem is the FQDN you are accessing nextcloud- this has to be added to the config file -which is also stated in the popup you posted here


p.s. Be aware you have to use occ command line Tool inside the nextcloud docker container as editing the config file per editor is not allowed at Nextcloud/owncloud since a long time