4.3 update in older versions


Hi, thanks for your support.
I have a UCS 4.2.1 Server with UCC 3.0 clients using boot via pxe.
He has some updates late. In that case, I ask?
Is it convenient for me to upgrade prior to UCS 4.2.3 to later upgrade to UCS 4.3, or can I go directly to UCS 4.3?

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in general you cannot skip updates[1]. You will have to update from 4.2-1 to 4.2-2 to 4.2-3 to 4.3-0. Therefore it doesn’t really matter whether you do it now or later.

That being said: a critical update for a security problem in Samba was release yesterday. Everyone running a Samba-based AD domain should update right now. That update is part of the last errata updates of the 4.2-x line — therefore you really should update to the latest 4.2-x now, no matter when you plan on upgrading to 4.3-0.

[1] One notable exception was UCS 3.3. You could skip updating from the latest 3.2-x to 3.3 to 4.0 and go directly from the latest 3.2-x to 4.0-0. However, such shortcuts are documented in the release notes if they exist, and for 4.3-0 the release notes don’t mention one.

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Very good your observations were Mosu
Your recommendations follow I will.

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