0 byte fstab files in horde container

I was in the horde container to look at configs to try and figure out why the vacation filter isn’t working and I noticed maybe a hundred 0 byte fstab files in /etc. They are named fstab.new.13561 or some other number at the end.

I don’t see anything like this in the nextcloud container so I think it’s just something with horde. Anyone know why that might be happening and is it safe to delete these.? I would guess it is, but I’ve never seen anything spam the etc directory like this before.


same here. The big difference between the two containers is that Nextcloud’s container is based on Ubuntu whereas the Horde container uses UCS. I have the same problem with fstab files in an Openproject container which is also UCS-based.

Seems to me there’s some kind of automatic processing of fstab in UCS-based containers. Haven’t been able to pin down where that happens, though. You can remove all the .new.* files for sure, though, and the real fstab is empty is perfectly fine for Docker containers, too.