Zarafa archiver


I have set up already a zarafa server with 10 client lics (and 10 archive lice) and webmail and z-push is working fine. Now i want to setup zarafa archiver on a ucs member server. I already installed the member server and it works fine, now i need to install according zarafa docs the following packages:

The following Zarafa packages are required to install on an archive node:
• zarafa-client
• zarafa-server
• zarafa-utils
• zarafa-multiserver
• zarafa-licensed(withZarafaArchiversubscription)

But when i use univention-install zarafa i get not found.

What is the best way to set it up?


if you are running an UCS 3.1 environment, you should be able to add the needed repositories with:

univention-add-app zarafa

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Tim Petersen

Thanks packages installed fin but get an error after start zarafa-server in zarafa server log:

Fri Mar 1 10:23:15 2013: Listening for pipe connections on /var/run/zarafa
Fri Mar 1 10:23:15 2013: Listening for TCP connections on port 236
Fri Mar 1 10:23:15 2013: Unable to connect to database: Can’t connect to local MySQL server through socket ‘/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock’ (2)
Fri Mar 1 10:23:15 2013: Server shutdown complete.


Can it be that mysql is not installed? because i cannot find in /etc/init.d/mysql?

Would like a reaction.



we had contact to the Zarafa support. The use of the archiver requires a multiserver setup that is currently not configured automatically by the Zarafa4UCS integration packages. But it should be possible to configure such an environment manually.

Zarafa suggested to read the following two manual pages that describe the configuration in general:

In UCS the IP address of a server is not stored within the LDAP attribute “ipHostNumber” but in “aRecord”. The suggested configuration may have to be changed accordingly.

To simplify the modification of the LDAP objects, it is possible to add additional elements to the GUI of the Univention Management Console.
A script that adds the required elements to user and computer objects has been attached to this article. Please download the script, copy it to the domaincontroller master and call it there as user root:


Please note:
This setup has not been tested yet. The reconfiguration of existing production servers will be at your own risk!
A test environment and a current backup are advised.

Kind regards,

Sönke Schwardt-Krummrich (4.9 KB)

Hi everyone,

for a customer I had a deeper look into converting a Univention based Zarafa setup into a Zarafa Multi-Server including Zarafa Archiver. In the process I created a script to update the home server of the current users and extended the to also include fields for the Archive-Store.

I uploaded these scripts to the zarafa-tools Github repository: … univention