Zarafa 4ucs: No such package


When i try to install zarafa from app center i get the the following message: zarafa 4ucs: No such package

I downloaded UCS 3.1 two days ago and are using a community UCS server.




could you please attach the output of the following command (executed as user root on commandline):

ucr search --brief repository

Kind regards,
Tim Petersen


Hello Thanks for reaction:

local/repository: <empty> online/repository/clean: <empty> repository/mirror/architectures: <empty> repository/mirror/basepath: /var/lib/univention-repository repository/mirror/httpmethod: <empty> repository/mirror/port: <empty> repository/mirror/prefix: <empty> repository/mirror/recreate_packages: yes repository/mirror/server: <empty> repository/mirror/sources: <empty> repository/mirror/threads: 10 repository/mirror/version/end: <empty> repository/mirror/version/start: <empty> repository/mirror: false repository/online/architectures: <empty> repository/online/component/3.1-0-errata/description: Errata updates for UCS 3.1-0 repository/online/component/3.1-0-errata/version: 3.1 repository/online/component/3.1-0-errata: enabled repository/online/component/zarafa_20130125-errata/description: Zarafa Collaboration Platform Errata repository/online/component/zarafa_20130125-errata/localmirror: false repository/online/component/zarafa_20130125-errata/parts: maintained repository/online/component/zarafa_20130125-errata/server: repository/online/component/zarafa_20130125-errata/version: current repository/online/component/zarafa_20130125-errata: enabled repository/online/component/zarafa_20130125/description: Zarafa is a complete replacement for Microsoft Exchange under Linux. repository/online/component/zarafa_20130125/localmirror: false repository/online/component/zarafa_20130125/parts: maintained repository/online/component/zarafa_20130125/server: repository/online/component/zarafa_20130125/version: current repository/online/component/zarafa_20130125: enabled repository/online/errata/start: <empty> repository/online/hotfixes: no repository/online/httpmethod: <empty> repository/online/maintained: yes repository/online/port: 80 repository/online/prefix: <empty> repository/online/server: repository/online/sources: <empty> repository/online/unmaintained: no repository/online: yes



the repository settings are a bit misconfigured. I would like to have a more detailed look on your system to be sure about the next steps. Could you please provide us an univention-support-info archive as described at sdb article #1182?
You can either send the archive to with a short description, or use as described in the article for uploading. In this case, please provide us the generated archive name here after uploading.

Kind regards,
Tim Petersen



I decided yesterday to reinstall it again and now it works, i will give you my roadmap:

  • first time i installed in vmware vsphere 5 (free version) and i was not able to install apps(also after several new installs)
  • yesterday evening i installed UCS in vmware workstation and every thing was fine also app install zarafa. afterwards i used vmware converter to put it in vsphere and everything is still working fine.

Thanks for your time and help.


Hello Found out what was wrong seems that after a new install repository server was like: This should be After i changed it every thing works well.



You’re right, and nice to hear that it is working now - I would like to take a look at your other settings in order to be able to track this down - could you please provide us an univention-support-info archive as described in sdb article #1182?

Kind regards,
Tim Petersen