When will kopano-server 8.7.8 be available


Hi Forum,

did anybody know, when kopano Version 8.7.8 will ba available in UCS updates?



Hi @Jan,

there is no “8.7.8” yet. Do you mean “8.7.0”?

As for updating with a valid subscription you can easily update from our repositories: https://kopano.com/blog/staying-up-to-date-with-kopano-releases-on-ucs/

As for general app updates the following policy is documented in the apps description:

We do our best to update our apps once every 6 to 9 months.

But once there is an 8.7.1 release I want to start work on updating the app to remove some integration glitches.


Hi Fynn Bartels :slight_smile:

yes i mean 8.7.0.
Can i integrate your repros into ucs without breaking the dependencys?



It should. It worked for me multiple times, but there was last week a report from someone who had troubles upgrading. Sadly he did not provide many details to really understand the source of the problem.


for that reason we will wait until it is save. The production sytem is to important.

Many thanks.