What to do to be up to date (and secure) with free core edition 4.4.8? (with not updated packages for UCS5)

i am running the free edition of UCS. Version 4.4.8. As far as I know and mentioned in an older thread, I have got 6 month of support, if the next version of UCS comes out. In fact, with UCS5 the next version is here already.

As some packages I use (Kopano) are not compatible with UCS5, I am wondering what to do.

For my understanding, I will not get any security updates for the 4.4.8. Additionally I am unable to upgrade to 5.0, cause of “missing” (not updated) Kopano-packages.

Thanks for your help!

As UCS-5 is a new major release, which was released 2021-05-25. So the overlap for support between different majpr versions is minimum 1 year.
As UCS@school-5 was only released 2021-11-29 and many other Apps are still missing, basically those customers can only start migrating since than.
Therefore we may still support UCS-4.4 longer than the minimum 2022-05-25, but we do not have any definite date set yet. See https://wiki.univention.de/index.php/Maintenance_Cycle_for_UCS