What is the root password on the .iso image?

We’ve deployed the UCC .iso image. When installing, we never get the opportunity to input a local root password. What is the default password?

docs.software-univention.de/ucc- … ent:rootpw

Thanks for your response SirTux

It looks like the link you provided refers to the images that can be downloaded by the Univention Management Console module. The image we are using is the .iso found at:

updates.software-univention.de/d … ge.img.iso

We needed to do manual installs because our DHCP server (router) is not smart enough to assign the UCS server as tftpd

If we are not able to get root for the downloaded .iso, is there another way to deploy ucc on a network where UCS is not the DHCP server?

Ok in this case you could change the root password with a cron job. You can create cron jobs for that with ucr policies.

I’ve looked at the references provided by SirTux and beyond but I still don’t understand how to proceed. Would you expand on how to accomplish what you suggest?

You create a ucr policy for your ucr container/object with following content:

cron/rootpw/command: echo 'root:password'|chpasswd
cron/rootpw/time: m * * * * *

m is the minute value and must be replaced with a good value. ‘password’ is the new root password.